Type 07 MK2 Full Star Rating by Amazona

Amazona Best Buy Type 07 MK2

Amazona is a leading German portal for professionals. They cover all kinds of interesting topics in the field of audio creation – from instruments to software, and of course monitors in-between. This is the first published review of our new Type 07 MK2 monitors.

The reviewer Robert Biernat covers all new functions extensively and gives a really great description of functionality and audible difference. If you want to find out more about CoP or Lineariser, this is a must-read!

With the HEDD Type 07 MkII and the three siblings of the new MkII studio monitors, Klaus Heinz has achieved a masterpiece. The innovative lineariser is now integrated into the loudspeaker and ensures frequency and phase linear sound reproduction independently of the computer. Once you have heard the difference, you will never want to enjoy music any other way.


The optional ported and closed operating mode (CoP) is an additional unique selling point, as is the possibility of setting up a phase-linear satellite-subwoofer system with the corresponding HEDD subwoofers. The fact that this is only necessary at all at very high volumes is due to the impressive low bass that the Type 07 develops in normal use and especially with extended LF range. HEDD from Berlin shows impressively what can be achieved with inventiveness and passion for good sound. For the performance on offer, the current price of just under 1,600 euros per pair of speakers is more than justified. You have to try them out!

We are humbled by the verdict and the 4/4 rating along with the “Best Buy” award!

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