Bonedo has published their review of our HEDDphone and gave it a perfect 5 out of 5 score rating!

We adequately named the “HEDDphone” after our company name HEDD Audio. It is an almost revolutionary product in open headphone designs. For this product, we redesigned our signature AMT drivers with a variable velocity transformation. This enables us to to profit from the quick transients and fast note decay of the AMT for the full frequency range, from 10 Hz to 40 kHz. Alas, we tuned the HEDDphone to be suitable for monitoring, mixing, and audiophile listening – a true high-fidelity standard! Head on over to the product page for more detailed information.

Bonedo HEDDphone Review

Bonedo, aka “Das Musikerportal” (the portal for musicians), is a leading German online platform that covers all kinds of topics for studio work and artists. Among others, the site is well-respected for its honest product reviews. We are honored that Bonedo decided to cover and review our popular HEDDphone, which continues to grow demand and interest from professional users.


HEDDphone Review

“The mids are godly.” This is just one of the many quotes from the review that we enjoy. With the review that is filed under the recording category, Nick Mavridis also lists the following positives (translated):


  • extremely high resolution
  • flat frequency response
  • very good transients
  • accurately reproduced soundstage
  • fatigue-free listening
  • high build quality
  • comfortable design despite being heavy

No negatives have been listed. We are very proud to receive a perfect 5/5 star rating for the HEDDphone!

Read more about the HEDDphone’s dry bass, balanced midrange and high resolution in the full review. Apparently using the HEDDphone is an experience similar to watching the sun rise for the first time. Thanks again to the author for the vivid description! Indeed, we often receive the feedback about insane detail retrieval of which the HEDDphone is capable of.