Excellent Type 07 MK2 Review by Bonedo.de

Bonedo Type 07 MK2 Review

Our HEDD Type 07 MK2 is a completely fresh take on studio monitors. Equipped with a high-end DSP, our studio near-fields achieve new levels of precision, clarity, and realism. Especially our unique onboard HEDD Lineariser® and «CoP» feature is pushing the boundaries. Thus we were not surprised to receive a review request from the team at Bonedo.de, who was already very impressed by our HEDDphone.

Experienced reviewer Nick Mavridis had the chance to deep-dive into the rich MK2 feature set and extensively test our Type 07 Mk2.

Nick is the editor in charge of the Recording section at Bonedo. He has a degree in audio engineering (Recording Arts) and completed the German Journalism College. As an author, he not only writes for Bonedo, but also for the hi-fi magazine fairaudio.de. He is also active as a musician, technician, and lecturer for various media content.

“In Closed Mode, the reproduction in the low frequencies is leaner but clearly more comprehensible, faster, and more detailed. The dynamics of the lows can keep up with the mids and highs when closed, and this is further supported by the Lineariser.


Ported, the HEDD Type 07 mk2 is a really good speaker. Closed, it is sheer poetry.”

Definitely read the whole review to find out why the reviewer goes on to recommend also trying Ported mode or why our HEDD Lineariser® is rated as “outstanding”.

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