Thorough Ecoustics Review of the HEDDphone

Ecoustics HEDDphone Review

Another month, another excellent review of our HEDDphone. This time, Trav Wilson listens closely to our professional monitoring headphones and sizes them up against the most expensive audiophile-targeted competitive products out there. The author is known to be very critical and shares his knowledge and experience on various platforms. Ecoustics is the lucky host of his latest thorough assessment analysing our precious AMT evolution.

“Further adding to the ‘light’ feeling of the HEDDphone is their impressive transient speed. Resolution abounds, and the music is delivered with detail and accuracy. Yet, it’s the feeling of open space that envelops the listener that I find most impressive. Space is conveyed naturally, feeling neither forced nor artificial.”


“Indisputably, the HEDDphone are genuinely top-tier sounding headphones.”

The HEDDphone receives a large list of positives, including mentions of “incredible sense of space and detail”, “neutral and natural sound”, and “excellent extension”. Not sure if we have seen this mentioned before, but apparently the weight is worth listing as a negative. It seems to be worth the trade-off as the final score is a very good 4.5 out of 5 points.

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