Industry’s Powerhouse GearLounge is new Official partner of HEDD Audio in South Korea


HEDD Audio is proud to announce a new partnership with Gearlounge for South Korea. Starting January 2021, Gearlounge will be the official distributor for HEDD Audio, including our HEDDphone, professional monitors, subwoofers and reference systems.

With the Korean music industry being the 6th largest in the world, HEDD Audio is excited to work with a motivated partner that embraces modern networking and distribution strategies. Artist management, brand building and studio outfitters are just some of the key functions that GearLounge has proven to be successful in.

Since their foundation in 2006, Gearlounge has become one of the most prominent companies in the industry. Likewise, HEDD Audio is growing faster than ever and is looking forward to a long-term successful partnership.

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