Interview on The Headphone Show

The Headphone Show hosted an interview and a giveaway of the HEDDphone in cooperation with HEDD Audio. The very unique HEDDphone continues to impress audiophile users and secures a respected standing among critical listeners. So thank you very much to for the raffle and equipping a lucky winner with a HEDD Audio HEDDphone! The headphones come shipped with a Cayin IHA-6 headphone amplifier and a Topping L30 DAC as well.

In case you are not familiar with The Headphone Show, Andrew and Tyler discuss headphones from an audiophile perspective. Usually, they invite guests for a more diverse approach. For this special edition, HEDD founders Frederik Knop and Klaus Heinz join the show to answer several answers.

Check out the interview to find out more about what the HEDDphone is all about.


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