HEDD joins Audinate’s impressive Dante-enabled product list.


We are very happy that our Series ONE studio monitors are officially listed as Dante-enabled products alongside some of the most exciting new products in the Audio-over-IP world. Dante is an “uncompressed, multi-channel digital media networking technology, with near-zero latency and synchronization” (Audinate site) that is becoming increasingly more important in live-sound and installation. HEDD is currently the only studio loudspeaker manufacturer that is offering full Dante integration. Our optional B1-Dante card can be inserted into an empty card slot on the back-panel of every HEDD studio monitor.


Audinate Dante-enabled product list: https://www.audinate.com/solutions/dante-overview

HEDD Audio-over-IP article: http://www.hedd.audio/en/audio-over-ip/