Headfonia Awards the HEDDphone as Headphone of the Year

Headfonia has published their 2020 awards. We are honored to be informed that the editor in chief himself, Lieven, lists our HEDDphone as Headphone of the Year in the category BEST Headphones – Large Pockets.

Lieven mentioned that “it seems like it’s getting harder each time to pick the very best gear in their category. Especially the headphone awards were very hard” but you can see he made the right decision! Thank you to the whole Headfonia team!

This is what he has to say:

Unique, new, different, engaging, addictive, etc. One can use so many words to describe the AMT-driven HEDDphone. Just like with the RAD-0, the weight here is the elephant in the room but sounds wise it’s as good as perfect. I love it.

We are glad to hear that the technical prowess of the HEDDphone outweighs potential cons. 😉

Indeed, our team is very proud of the sonic qualities and we’re humbled by the positive responses. If you haven’t read it yet, we highly recommend to read the full review of the HEDDphone as published on Headfonia.com.

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