Musical Project mixed in Dolby Atmos
A collaboration between solvay x okayshades and Marx Audio


Drummer/Producer Robin Brink and Singer/Actress Rosa Landers met on a flight in early 2020. They felt an immediate musical connection and spent the rest of the year producing an EP of colourful, danceable music as well as a compelling musical short film.

The duo solvay x okayshades were thrilled to partner up with Marc Elsner and his team at Marx Audio to mix their project in Dolby Atmos Surround Sound.

“It’s been an incredible discovery to start thinking of mixing music beyond the confines of the stereo panorama! An added bonus with this new concept of surround sound mixing with Dolby Atmos is that the music can afford a greater dynamic range as we’re not compressing everything through the conventional 2 buss.”

Ghosted, or The Cactus Effect tells the story of a journey through one night and one person’s experience of being rejected: hence the title. The duo explores a mix of acoustic and electronic textures through a musical landscape encompassing elements of jazz, soul and r&b driven by danceable rhythms.

“We always looked forward to visiting Marc’s studio to hear our music on the crystal clear HEDD Audio monitoring rig. It happens to be really fun to change your position in the room and in that way change the balance of the mix by concentrating on what’s coming out of each individual speaker. We were really thrilled to go right up close and hear beautifully detailed reproductions of all the colourful textures in our music.”

like a samba

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