Studio Monitor HEDD Type 07


Our Type 07 studio monitor could be described as a classic nearfield monitor speaker, although that would not nearly do justice to its versatility and powerful sound. On first glance, this model’s standard size and classic setup with a 7” woofer and a HEDD Air Motion Transformer do not leave much room for additional technological advances. Yet the careful adjustment of its various components, particularly the way in which casing, amplifier, and diaphragm interconnect, creates a degree of sonic stability, strength, spatiality, and transparency that amazed us from the very first stages of this model’s development on. With its 2×100 Watt amps and its extremely well balanced frequency response, the Type 07 monitor sounds much bigger and more mature than its moderate size and sleek design make it appear. It is precisely for this reason that there is hardly a field of audio production, which the Type 07 is not ideally suited for: its clever design makes it an especially good player in broadcasting contexts as well as in recording and mix-down studios.

Our Type 07 studio monitor comes, like all models of our Series ONE, with XLR and RCA connections. In addition, it also features an empty slot that allows for a wider range of digital functionality. At the moment, we offer HEDD Bridge modules that can handle Dante (Audio-over-IP) transport.



Woofer / Tweeter 1 / 1
Basket Ø 7.2" (182mm)
Voice coil Ø 1.5 " (38mm)
Cone material Ultra Honeycomb Composite
Type HEDD Air Motion Transformer
Input connectors
Analog bal./unbal. XLR / RCA
General data
Amplification (ICEpower®) 2 x 100W
Input gain -30dB … +6dB
High Shelf EQ > 2kHz ±4dB (at 20kHz)
Low Shelf EQ < 200Hz ±4dB (at 50Hz)
Frequency response 38Hz - 50kHz
THD 90dB/1m > 100Hz ≤0.5%
Max SPL peak per pair at 1m ≥116dB
Crossover frequencies 2.3 kHz
Input impedance bal./ unbal. 10kΩ / 47kΩ
Weight 9.6kg
Height x Width x Depth 370mm x 220mm x 300mm
Warranty 2 years

With the HEDD Lineariser® VST/AU/AAX plugin, we have created a unique solution for one of the most challenging problems in loudspeaker designing: Linear Phase Response. The Lineariser® flattens both, the phase and frequency response of your HEDD monitors in unparalleled quality and without any DSP involved!

Download the Lineariser® and listen for yourself.

The HEDD Lineariser®

System Requirements:
Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10, x86, x64) // Mac OSX 10.8 or newer
The Lineariser® is available in VST, AU, and AAX format

Installation and User´s Guide

Manual // PDF
Manual // PDF
Product Sheet // PDF
Product Sheet // PDF
Leaflet // PDF
Leaflet // PDF
SOS - Sound on Sound

»smooth, superbly controlled, transparent and highly detailed« 

Review: | Published: 03/2017

ASK Audio

»The Type07s blew me the hell away«

Review: | Published: 02/2017


»everything we are looking for in an analog near field monitor at a reasonable price«

Download | Published: 10/2016

»perfekt für professionelle Anwendungen geeignet«

Review: | Published: 07/2016


»highly recommended«

Download PDF | | Published: 11/2016


» … a pleasure to mix on these monitors«

Review: | Published: 10/2016

»compact and homogenous sound«

Download | Published: 01/2016


»Dernière chose appréciable : le sweet spot est assez large.«

Review: | Published: 01/2017

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