The Headphone List’s Review of the HEDDphone

Famed reviewer Ryan Soo takes a closer look at our HEDDphone in his review for The Headphone List. While the HEDDphone is continuing to conquer the audiophile community, more and more impressions appear. Thank you THL for another feature and a very thorough review!

„For the HEDDphone beautifully balances a superlative, revealing presentation with all-day listenability. There is no edge or sharpness in its portrayal, no sibilance nor overt forwardness or glare. The HEDDphone doesn’t strike as bright in any sense, simply highly revealing, resolving and slightly forward. […] It is a sound that can be enjoyed for hours with zero fatigue whilst simultaneously picking apart every minute detail present in the track.“

THL continues to describe the HEDDphone as a “modern masterpiece” and describes the technical performance in more detail. We highly recommend to grab a cup of coffee and take the time to go through the wonderfully written review that is a very comprehensible representation of an experienced user.

„I will preface that I’m no stranger to high-end audio, I’ve personally purchased and reviewed some of the best in the business. But the technical performance on the HEDDphone still left me floored.“

THL HEDDphone Review

The review is probably worth checking out for the stunning photos alone. Ryan Soo is well-known in the community for his polished photography and the feature of the HEDDphone is no exception in this regard. If you want to check out more of his work, please visit his private blog, too:

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