Audiophile Impressions of Type 07 MK2 as Home Stereo Speakers

Type 07 MK2 home speaker

Klaus is not only one of our team members, but also a well-respected reviewer in the portable audio scene. He decided to take out his in-ear monitors for once and critically listen to our Type 07 MK2 studio monitors… at home. Like, from the couch instead of sitting in front of a mixing console.

If you thought this would end in a disaster, think again. Luckily we passed the reality check. Read his impressions to find out if it’s worth it to consider near-field speakers for home entertainment for you too, e.g. listening to music and watching movies.

“Damn, these sound good! I am convinced, even for home stereo applications, the near-field Type 07 MK2 are incredible and I’d gladly throw out any similarly priced passive speaker to make room for them…


I love the Closed mode! For me, Ported is not even an option anymore. The speed and transient attack are really refreshing and sound much more realistic to me. It’s a huge step up to the speakers I used before.”

No, Klaus is not getting a pay rise for saying that. But knowing he would not risk his reputation for saying something he doesn’t fully believe in, we are thankful for his feedback.

Klaus has been forcing his subjective impressions on people for a long time. His audio reviews were published on sites like Headfonics and Headflux and also spread across enthusiast forums. Visit his private blog to be influenced even more.

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