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HEDD included in relaunch of legendary Miraval Studios

Brad Pitt and Damien Quintard relaunch the legendary Miraval studio in the south of France, featuring HEDD monitors and the HEDDphone.

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New MK2 Firmware available!

The latest firmware for the MK2 monitor series improves performance. Download now.

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At Gold Diggers The Speakers Make The Room

Ensuring quality and consistency of sound across rooms is one of the hardest challenges for a professional studio but as Gold Diggers in LA explains with HEDD Audio monitors it can be a smooth and pleasant experience.

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How the Mastering Academy Packed 7,200w of Amplification in Their Dolby Atmos Room

Hamburg's Mastering Academy trusts HEDD monitors for its new Dolby-Atmos studio, which features an impressive 7,200w of amplification.

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Headphones vs Studio Monitors: Choosing Your Audio Companion

When it comes to producing, mixing, and enjoying music, the choice between headphones and studio monitors can be a pivotal one. This guide explains key differences and considerations to make the right choice.

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How to Choose Studio Monitors: Sound Decisions

Choosing the right studio monitors for your sound and needs is an important and difficult decision that will require a lot of preparation and evaluation. Find out how to choose the right speakers for you.

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Understanding the AES Cable Connection

AES is a digital audio transfer protocol used to transmit high-quality audio signals between different audio devices. Find out if you should be using AES.

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Unbalanced vs. Balanced Cables: Understanding the Difference

In the world of audio cables, the choice between unbalanced and balanced cables depends on the specific requirements of your setup. Find out which one is best for you.

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The Best Headphone Amp for the HEDDphone

The HEDDphone (One & Two), like other high-impedance headphones, requires dedicated amplification to achieve a satisfactory level of loudness and unlock its full potential. Find out which we recommend.

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Grammy-winning producer David 'Yungin' Kim chooses HEDD to do his best work

For Grammy award-winning hip-hop engineer David 'Yungin' Kim the TYPE 20 MK2 monitors give him the warmth and frequency response he needs to do his best work without getting ear fatigue.

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HEDD to Gearfest UK London. 15th / 16th July

Book a listening session with us and get to know our products and meet the team!

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Why Meris Trust HEDD to Help Them Unite Art & Engineering

At Meris, a pro audio and pedal company, HEDD TYPE 20 MK2 monitors provide the clarity and accuracy needed during the engineering process.

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