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HEDD included in relaunch of legendary Miraval Studios

Brad Pitt and Damien Quintard relaunch the legendary Miraval studio in the south of France, featuring HEDD monitors and the HEDDphone.

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New MK2 Firmware available!

The latest firmware for the MK2 monitor series improves performance. Download now.

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At Gold Diggers The Speakers Make The Room

Ensuring quality and consistency of sound across rooms is one of the hardest challenges for a professional studio but as Gold Diggers in LA explains with HEDD Audio monitors it can be a smooth and pleasant experience.

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Catch HEDD at Munich High End and Berlin Superbooth 24 this May

The HEDD team will be attending the 2024 Munich High End and Berlin Superbooth trade events, showcasing the HEDDphone TWO and MK2 monitor range. Come say hi!

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Studio Monitor Placement: The Basics

HEDD's guide to the basics you need to consider when placing monitors in a space for dedicated audio work such as producing, recording, or mixing music.

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"I love these speakers": Why Synthpop Artist Daði Freyr Trusts HEDD

For Icelandic synthpop musician Daði Freyr, the HEDD TYPE 20 MK2 unveiled a new level of clarity that has changed the way he works.

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What Are DSPs in Speakers?

Klaus Heinz and Frederik Knop draw from their combined decades of experience in speaker manufacturing and R&D to offer their technical perspective on what Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) can do for the listening experience and why they chose to rely on DSPs for the HEDD MK2 line.

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Setting up a Home Recording Studio

Home recording studios have changed the music industry. In this short guide we highlight the key considerations for setting up your own and look at examples from artists who have collaborated with HEDD for their home studio needs.

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Open-Back Vs. Closed-Back Headphones: How to Choose

A good pair of professional headphones will change the way you work with and hear music. We break down the benefits and drawbacks of the two most popular headphone designs: open-back and closed-back.

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IsoAcoustics and HEDD Unveil Mounting Solutions for Atmos Setups

HEDD and IsoAcoustics are releasing a tailor-made set of adapters and mounting brackets for the V120 system that combine world-class isolation and clarity for Dolby Atmos and immersive setups.

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HEDD at NAMM 2024: HEDDphone TWO and IsoAcoustics Collaboration Launch

HEDD will be at NAMM 2024 to launch the HEDDphone TWO alongside its brand new range of mounting kits for Atmos setups in collaboration with IsoAcoustics.

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Building A Dolby Atmos Studio: Why Choose HEDD

Dolby Atmos offers incredible potential for new ways of listening to and making music and HEDD Audio monitors are an ideal solution for immersive installations in professional studios thanks to our right in time approach.

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