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At SAE Hamburg HEDD Monitors are the Choice for Atmos and Teaching

SAE Hamburg chose HEDD to upgrade their studio 1 to Atmos, not only because of their sonic quality but also because they are useful teaching tools.

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How Grégory Betton Uses HEDD to Create Immersive Soundscapes

Writer and musician Grégory Betton chose HEDD to build a compact Atmos studio in his garage that gives him the clarity and precision he needs.

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For Noah Becker HEDD Monitors Show How It's All Connected

We take a tour of Baketown in West Berlin with Noah Becker and hear why he chose HEDD monitors for his studio.

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"I love these speakers": Why Synthpop Artist Daði Freyr Trusts HEDD

For Icelandic synthpop musician Daði Freyr, the HEDD TYPE 20 MK2 unveiled a new level of clarity that has changed the way he works.

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How the Mastering Academy Packed 7,200w of Amplification in Their Dolby Atmos Room

Hamburg's Mastering Academy trusts HEDD monitors for its new Dolby-Atmos studio, which features an impressive 7,200w of amplification.

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Grammy-winning producer David 'Yungin' Kim chooses HEDD to do his best work

For Grammy award-winning hip-hop engineer David 'Yungin' Kim the TYPE 20 MK2 monitors give him the warmth and frequency response he needs to do his best work without getting ear fatigue.

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Why Meris Trust HEDD to Help Them Unite Art & Engineering

At Meris, a pro audio and pedal company, HEDD TYPE 20 MK2 monitors provide the clarity and accuracy needed during the engineering process.

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For Mike Gao The TYPE 20 Monitor is Right in Every Situation

Producer and technologist Mike Gao explains how the HEDD TYPE 20 MK2 monitors help him get to an essential truth about his music that easily translates to different situations - from the car to the club.

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How INBLOOM Uses The HEDDphone for Live Engineering

When INBLOOM needs to ensure that his choices at a live show will translate for thousands of people he relies on the HEDDphone to give him that confidence.

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