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How the Mastering Academy Packed 7,200w of Amplification in Their Dolby Atmos Room

December 06, 2023

For Friedemann Tischmeyer, founder of Hamburg's Mastering Academy school and studio, the HEDD MK2 range of monitors are the perfect compliment to the Academy's newly upgraded, Dolby Atmos-ready studio giving him enough power and clarity to make the right decisions. 

Founded in 2015, the Mastering Academy is dedicated to helping both newcomers and professionals learn about mixing and mastering. They take a holistic approach to these complex and non-linear skills balancing theory, coaching, and hands-on training to help students learn everything from the basics to how to get that crucial last 5% of a song up to a world-class level. Friedemann leads a team of audio experts and consultants who have helped everyone from upcoming professionals to seasoned engineers like Dave Isaac, Ludger Sauer, and Kevin Lively.

We visited the Mastering Academy in Hamburg earlier this year following the completion of their new Dolby Atmos-ready studio, something that Friedemann has been working towards for a decade.

The small room is a wonder to behold with extensive treatment by Dennis Busch to ensure it meets the necessary requirements of an Atmos-ready studio. Tischmeyer decided to go for a custom 7.4.4 setup that includes 4 BASS 12 subwoofers alongside TYPE 05 monitors for the tops and surround positions, TYPE 20 for the left and right positions, and TYPE 30 for the central position. The result is a mighty package that can deliver up to 7,200 Watts of amplification! 

The setup is competed by a Trinnov D-Mon system for monitor control and correction, cables by Van Damme, and headphone amplification by Lehmann Audio. See it in action below. 

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