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How Brooklyn's BlankFor.ms Gets Honest Monitoring with HEDD

August 25, 2022

After sonic explorer Tyler Gilmore aka BlankFor.ms got a pair of Type 07 MK2 studio monitors he discovered a clarity and honesty in his sounds that he had always believed required skills or gear he didn't have.

Musician and composer Tyler Gilmore is a man of many talents. Originally from the rural landscapes of Wyoming, he is currently based in Brooklyn where he works on new music and sonic experiments, often based on synths and tapes. He is also something of an educator, sharing his creative process on social media (especially Instagram) where he has a growing and engaged audience.

Tyler has remixed the likes of The Cinematic Orchestra, Arthur Moon, and Para One and his own music has been sampled by Bon Iver and Ethan Gruska, among others. More recently he teamed up with Spitfire Audio to build and release his own signature instrument, the Tape Synths.

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