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Studio Monitor Subwoofer
12 inch subwoofer


Earth-shaking Bass Performance. Fully controlled.

This powerhouse subwoofer makes a profound statement, its massive sound is complemented by unparalleled features, including linear phase mode and precise delay compensation. Brace yourself for an unparalleled encounter that not only resonates, but leaves a lasting impact. Engineered to endure, the BASS 12 is the perfect companion for professional recording studios and Atmos suites. Elevate your audio game with this remarkable subwoofer.

Product details

  • DSP and 700W ICE power amplification
  • Allows for complete linear phase Satellite-Subwoofer setup with MK2 monitors
  • Satellite OFFSET control for positioning compensation
  • X-over filters inc. Home Cinema adaptable Low Frequency Extension
  • Bass-extension mode to go down to 16Hz
  • Analog and digital AES connections
  • 3 year warranty when you register your product with us

If you have a question about this product or need advice on the best setup for your space, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Key features

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