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Headphone with Air Motion Transformer
Studio Quality Headphone from HEDD Audio


Groundbreaking technology meets profound love for audio perfection.

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Released in 2020, the HEDDphone was designed to bring the clarity and accuracy of our Air Motion Transformer driver to the headphone world. Thanks to its open-back design and a redesigned AMT allowing the reproduction of frequencies from 10 to 40kHz, it has won accolades from the likes of Sound on Sound and has been the choice for top engineers across genres. Immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled clarity and natural music reproduction, wherever you go.

Product details

  • High definition HEDD AMT driver featuring Variable Velocity Transformation (VVT)
  • VVT allows reproduction of frequencies from 10 to 40kHz
  • Open-back design ensures expensive sound stage and natural, honest sound
  • High-quality, durable components for extended product life
  • Ear pads made from premium, vegan materials that are soft and durable

If you have a question about this product or need advice on the best setup for your space, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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