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Boundless versatility. Sublime, compact powerhouse.

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Combine openness, punch, a gloriously honest midrange clarity, and a jaw-dropping low end performance and you have the Type 20 monitor. The perfect all-rounder. The perfect companion for every audio endeavor. From producing bass-hungry beats to mastering the most sophisticated Jazz records: This 3-way monitor will unveil new layers in your music and transport your engineering skills to the next level.

Product details

  • 7” woofer
  • Dedicated 4” midrange driver
  • High definition HEDD Air Motion Transformer
  • Powerful SHARC-DSP and onboard LineariserR flatten speaker phase and create fascinating stereo image and depth
  • Closed or Ported functionality for two distinct sound experiences: accurate and detailed (closed) or energetic and bassy (ported)
  • Desktop and shelving filters
  • Bass-extension mode
  • Stepped aluminum pot controls
  • 3 year warranty when you register your product with us

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Key features

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