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Brace yourself for an unrivalled auditory experience as these monitors effortlessly deliver astonishing transparency and precision even when cranked to the max. Nothing can seemingly harm it, it simply screams PRO and your clients will notice. Every note, every whisper, and every thunderous beat are unveiled with absolute accuracy, granting you an unshakable grasp over even the most delicate intricacies within your tracks or expansive immersive setups. The Type 30 monitor infuses joy and efficiency into your creative workflow, enabling you to explore new heights and unleash your artistic vision like never before. Say goodbye to limitations and welcome a world of endless inspiration.

Product details

  • Two 7" woofers
  • Dedicated 4" midrange driver
  • High definition HEDD Air Motion Transformer
  • Powerful SHARC-DSP and onboard LineariserR flatten speaker phase and create fascinating stereo image and depth
  • Closed or Ported functionality for two distinct sound experiences: accurate and detailed (closed) or energetic and bassy (ported)
  • Complete linear phase Satellite-Subwoofer setup with BASS 12 subwoofers
  • Desktop, bass, and high shelving filters
  • Bass-extension mode
  • Aluminum pot controls
  • 5 year warranty when you register your product with us

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