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Why Devon Analogue Chose HEDD For Their Main Studio

March 03, 2022

Using a combination of the 100% analogue and modular HEDD Tower Mains System and Type 30 MK2 midfield studio monitors in a Trinnov-calibrated room, alongside the HEDDphone for quieter referencing, Devon Analogue studios is able to give their clients a sound they can trust and rely on.

Devon Analogue is an electronic sound residential studio located deep in the rolling hills of Exmoor in England. The studio blends a mastering grade analogue and digital recording environment with a loft style living space which sleeps 5 people. The sustainable and contemporary build has been developed to allow artists to lose themselves within a project be it writing, recording, rehearsing, production or mixing.

At Devon Analogue, artists live and breathe their projects, escaping the distractions of daily life. The studio's unique hybrid installation blends the best of mastering grade analogue and digital technology, vintage instruments and a fully fledged Zaehl AM1 console for an effortless workflow.

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