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How INBLOOM Uses The HEDDphone for Live Engineering

When INBLOOM needs to ensure that his choices at a live show will translate for thousands of people he relies on the HEDDphone to give him that confidence.

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How Blue May Found Perfect Monitoring With The HEDDphone

For Blue May, an engineer and producer who has worked with Kano, Sudan Archives, and Joy Crookes, the HEDDphone is the closest he can get to a perfect monitoring experience, wherever he goes.

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Why Devon Analogue Chose HEDD For Their Main Studio

Using a combination of the HEDD Tower Mains System, TYPE 30 MK2 midfield studio monitors, and the HEDDphone (in a Trinnov-calibrated room), Devon Analogue studios is able to give their clients a sound they can trust and rely on.

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How HEDD Speakers Make a Difference for Sascha "Busy" Bühren

With a combination of HEDD Type 05 and 30 MK2 monitors and a pair of HEDDphone, Sascha "Busy" Bühren knows he can get the music he's working on where it needs to be.

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