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At SAE Hamburg HEDD Monitors are the Choice for Atmos and Teaching

July 01, 2024

When SAE Hamburg decided to upgrade their Studio 1 to Atmos, they chose the HEDD MK2 monitors because, as Jörn Buschmeier, their head of audio, puts it, "they have a deep soundstage in which you can immerse yourself, with a lot of detail and transparency, but also still have the mids upfront." 

A self-taught engineer who graduated from SAE in the 2000s, Jörn Buschmeier is today head of audio at SAE Hamburg, where he supervises students and the school's studios. In the past year, they decided to provide students with a true Atmos experience after years of making do with stereo and headphone mock ups.

The new SAE Hamburg Atmos studio features a 7.1.4 setup with 3 x TYPE 30 MK2 on the L/C/R channels, 4 x TYPE 20 MK2 on the surround channels, 4 x TYPE 07 MK2 on the ceiling, and 3 x BASS 12 subwoofers for a great LFE.

For Jörn and the team at SAE, the HEDD monitors are not just great sounding speakers but also useful teaching tools. "It's exciting that you can work with these speakers in so many different ways," he explains. "They offer many possibilities, in a 7.1.4 setup or a stereo setup."

It's not uncommon for Jörn to make use of the Closed or Ported functionality and Lineariser filter to show students the ways in which a monitor can affect their work. "You can show what the differences are and what a monitor can actually do for you," he says.

Watch the video of our recent visit to SAE Hamburg below for more details on Jörn and how HEDD helped him with the Atmos build.

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