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How Hildur Guðnadóttir and Sam Slater Go Inside The Sound With HEDD

With a focus on collaboration, minimalism, and the tactility of analogue, Hildur Guðnadóttir put her trust in HEDD's TYPE 20 MK2 monitors to find her way inside the sound.

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For Mike Gao The TYPE 20 Monitor is Right in Every Situation

Producer and technologist Mike Gao explains how the HEDD TYPE 20 MK2 monitors help him get to an essential truth about his music that easily translates to different situations - from the car to the club.

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“This Feels Really Good”: Why Kiefer Uses HEDD

For L.A.-based pianist and producer Kiefer, HEDD's TYPE 20 monitors are perfect for staying engaged with the details and fun of the creative process.

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How Blue May Found Perfect Monitoring With The HEDDphone

For Blue May, an engineer and producer who has worked with Kano, Sudan Archives, and Joy Crookes, the HEDDphone is the closest he can get to a perfect monitoring experience, wherever he goes.

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Congratulations to Hauschka on His Oscar Win

German composer and pianist Hauschka, early HEDD supporter, wins the 2023 Academy Away for Best Original Score.

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Robot Koch Uses HEDD to Zoom Into the Essence Wherever He Is

Acclaimed composer and producer Robert "Robot" Koch has long been a fan of HEDD audio and today the TYPE 07 monitors and the HEDDphone® are essential to his minimal yet sophisticated portable setup.

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How Brooklyn's BlankFor.ms Gets Honest Monitoring with HEDD

After sonic explorer Tyler Gilmore aka BlankFor.ms got a pair of Type 07 MK2 studio monitors he discovered a clarity and honesty in his sounds that he had always believed required skills or gear he didn't have.

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With the TYPE 30 Everything Changed for Jazzy Jeff

When the legendary DJ and producer Jazzy Jeff needed monitors for his home studio he found that the HEDD Type 30 gave him the precision and truth he needed.

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Why Pianist and Composer Hauschka is Going All in on HEDD

German pianist and composer Hauschka uses HEDD monitors and the HEDDphone to get the neutral, objective view on music he needs to perfect his mixes.

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