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Why Meris Trust HEDD to Help Them Unite Art & Engineering

June 30, 2023

Meris is a pro audio and pedal company specialized in high-end digital effects, with the motto of uniting art and engineering. To this end, the founders at Meris have put their trust in the HEDD TYPE 20 MK2 monitors to provide them the clarity and accuracy they need to ensure their unique effects feel right and translate across environments.

Based in California and founded by Terry Burton and Angelo Mazzocco, Meris has been making 500 series modules and high end guitar pedals since 2014. Pooling from previous industry experience, Terry and Angelo bring together the technical and artistic in order to let creativity and engineering feed off each other in the R&D process. The result has been a string of award-winning products, beautifully designed and favored by composers, guitarists, and synth lovers for use in recording or home studios. Their most recent release is LVX, a modular delay system that won Future Music’s Gear of the Year and Power Award for its cutting edge abilities in a compact form.

Earlier this year, HEDD went to visit the Meris headquarters on the Southern California coast where Terry and Angelo showed us around the space and sat down to explain why and how they started, their creative and engineering process, and how HEDD monitors fit into it all. 

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