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Tower Studio Monitors

Tower Mains

The Grand Jury of Sound

The majestic HEDD Tower Mains System represents a unique approach to what full-range main monitoring and listening can mean in today’s music world. It combines an insane amount of pure analog power with a modular, fully-closed cabinet concept taking up no more space than a standard studio monitor. The Tower Mains System incorporates our own Air Motion Transformer drivers in the tweeters, custom midrange- and bass-woofers, and a staggering four front- and back-firing subwoofers, shifting more air than most of yesteryears big speaker systems. The result is a huge, yet detail obsessed sound, that remains behaved and realistic at all times. The Tower Mains System is the perfect fit for modern professional recording and post-production spaces, as much as they can be an amazing fit to a modern domestic environment.

Product details

  • 1 TM 80 main unit and 1 or 2 TMS 36 subwoofers per channel
  • TM80 includes three 300W amps
  • TMS 36 includes four long-throw drivers and 1,200W of amplification
  • Closed design
  • Frequency response from 20Hz to 80Hz
  • Flexible arrangement to spatial needs
  • Sophisticated filter design
  • High definition HEDD Air Motion Transformer
  • Broad horizontal dispersion and controlled vertical directivity
  • Solid metal brackets and feet for connection

If you have a question about this product or need advice on the best setup for your space, don’t hesitate to contact our team.
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