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Grammy-winning producer David 'Yungin' Kim chooses HEDD to do his best work

August 08, 2023

The work of an audio engineer is demanding, requiring monitors that can provide clarity, accuracy, and, perhaps most important of all, ensure that ears don't get tired too quickly to avoid mistakes. 

For Grammy award-winning engineer David 'Yungin' Kim, the TYPE 20 MK2 monitors have been the perfect answer to these needs. They provide him the warmth and frequency response he needs to do his best work and, best of all, don't give ear fatigue, allowing him to work for hours on end without realising it. 

Seoul-born, LA-based David 'Yungin' Kim is the head engineer at Chalice Recording Studios, where he works with artists such as BTS, Post Malone, DJ Kahled and more. David was turned onto hip-hop as a young kid after hearing Nas' debut album Illmatic. The music eventually led him to study audio engineering, and since 2010 he's worked his way up the industry as both producer and engineer, in the process winning three Grammys for contributions to albums by Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle, and Nas, the rapper who started it all for him.

HEDD visited David at Chalice Recording to discuss his background and find out why this world-class engineer trusts our monitors for his work. In this interview, David tells us about his hip-hop beginnings and working with his hero and also discusses the differences he's noticed between the Korean and American approaches to sound, before giving the lowdown on what he looks for in a monitor and why being in the mix with the TYPE 20 "sounds like a big hug."

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