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Hip Hop

Grammy-winning producer David 'Yungin' Kim chooses HEDD to do his best work

For Grammy award-winning hip-hop engineer David 'Yungin' Kim the TYPE 20 MK2 monitors give him the warmth and frequency response he needs to do his best work without getting ear fatigue.

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For Mike Gao The TYPE 20 Monitor is Right in Every Situation

Producer and technologist Mike Gao explains how the HEDD TYPE 20 MK2 monitors help him get to an essential truth about his music that easily translates to different situations - from the car to the club.

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“This Feels Really Good”: Why Kiefer Uses HEDD

For L.A.-based pianist and producer Kiefer, HEDD's TYPE 20 monitors are perfect for staying engaged with the details and fun of the creative process.

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DJ Semtex Trusts HEDD to Give Him a Clear Sound

DJ Semtex uses the TYPE 20 MK2 monitors to help him choose the right music for his radio show and demo new music from artists by giving him a sound he can trust.

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With the TYPE 30 Everything Changed for Jazzy Jeff

When the legendary DJ and producer Jazzy Jeff needed monitors for his home studio he found that the HEDD Type 30 gave him the precision and truth he needed.

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How HEDD Speakers Make a Difference for Sascha "Busy" Bühren

With a combination of HEDD Type 05 and 30 MK2 monitors and a pair of HEDDphone, Sascha "Busy" Bühren knows he can get the music he's working on where it needs to be.

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