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"I love these speakers": Why Synthpop Artist Daði Freyr Trusts HEDD

For Icelandic synthpop musician Daði Freyr, the HEDD TYPE 20 MK2 unveiled a new level of clarity that has changed the way he works.

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How Hildur Guðnadóttir and Sam Slater Go Inside The Sound With HEDD

With a focus on collaboration, minimalism, and the tactility of analogue, Hildur Guðnadóttir put her trust in HEDD's TYPE 20 MK2 monitors to find her way inside the sound.

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How Brooklyn's BlankFor.ms Gets Honest Monitoring with HEDD

After sonic explorer Tyler Gilmore aka BlankFor.ms got a pair of Type 07 MK2 studio monitors he discovered a clarity and honesty in his sounds that he had always believed required skills or gear he didn't have.

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Why Devon Analogue Chose HEDD For Their Main Studio

Using a combination of the HEDD Tower Mains System, TYPE 30 MK2 midfield studio monitors, and the HEDDphone (in a Trinnov-calibrated room), Devon Analogue studios is able to give their clients a sound they can trust and rely on.

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Berlin's Hainbach Uses the HEDDphone to Find the Perfect Sounds

German musician Hainbach has been on a hunt for sounds his entire life and with the HEDDphone he has found the perfect tool with which to pinpoint exactly what he needs.

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