About Our Company


Physicist Klaus Heinz and his son, Mastering Engineer / Musicologist Dr. Frederik Knop founded HEDD Audio in October 2015. As acoustic professional and music enthusiast, Heinz’ life oscillates between the worlds of physics and sound. For the past forty years, Klaus Heinz (founder of HEDD and ADAM Audio) has dedicated himself to developing loudspeakers that have become established constants in diverse fields: from music production to professional mastering and finally home HiFi, his loudspeakers can be found in a great variety of contexts. Heinz’ loudspeaker designs have always stayed true to the same ideal of sonic excellence: they have, above all, aimed to produce complete accuracy and outstanding signal fidelity while being less concerned with tinging recording audio material with pleasing tonal colors. It comes, therefore, as no surprise that that HEDD R&D is fully committed to the idea of creating versatile and surgically precise studio monitors and HEDDphones® that producers, sound engineers, and high-end enthusiasts can enjoy.

Klaus Heinz

Founder & CTO

Dr. Frederik Knop

Founder & CEO

Not only are HEDD’s loudspeakers produced in Berlin, they also feature an unprecedented level of digital signal optimization (HEDD Lineariser®), improved diaphragm materials as well as ultra-efficient amplifiers. Last but not least, these brand-new studio monitors take another technological step in the development of the Air Motion Transformer. Years ago, Heinz revolutionized the professional world of audio production by introducing his first Air Motion Transformer. Today, AMT systems are used wherever an extremely precise and vivid reproduction of high frequency material is called for.

While Klaus Heinz serves as HEDD’s CTO, Dr. Frederik Knop has been taking over the role of CEO. He is in charge of all things HEDD Brand and the Sales Dept. Holding a PhD in musicology and being an experienced Mastering Engineer, he brings a wide range of musical and audio-technological knowledge to the table.